Hamalaya contemporary art Performance Group

2020 is a special year that we all feel the silence in the world, the culture activities reach the lowest point.

In 2021 we see the light come in again and feel the desire to connect our friends, to show our emotion , to see the art…

As an innovative artistic form contemporary art performance is constituted Intermediate between theatre and the visual arts. From Yoko Ono “Cut piece”1965 in New York at Carnegie Recital Hall , Marina Abramovic “the artist is present”2010 in New York MoMa to Anne Imhof ’s “Faust”2017 German Pavilion Venice Biennale, contemporary art performance have become more and more popular and understood by the public.

Under the aesthetic interest they have also deep philosophical meanings. This is also the reason why I choose this artisic form to show my conception.

Based on my 4 years Architect studying in Beijing, 3 years painting and 3 years sculpture and conception art studying, 4 years piano music learning in Munich, I find I am interested in a kind of art which can connect all this media and show the complicated feeling and thinking of mine.

So I start to do contemporary art performance from 2017. “ How to become water” is a good example to showed my thinking that human can find the original power and love from the nature.

I am also grateful that I was choosed by Yoko Ono to take part in her exhibition “2019 Water event–PEACE is POWER” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig to show my idea that something look fragile, but if there is a right space for them to stay, they can become very strong.

So water is always the inspiration for me. Rainbow is so beautiful and touching like a miracle and is also an effect because of water. As a symbol of hope and love it inspirit me to do a Rainbow project which can connect people and give energy and hope to the sad world now. That is the reason why I set up the Hamalaya Performance group. We will go to different open urban space and nature, also the gallery and museum in munich and in other city to do contemporary art performance.

The member of it most are contemporary dancers, others are artist, musicians, architect….

Their name are:

Hajo Bahner

Margo lynn

Laurenz Wolf

Yan  Cheng

Sophie Gisbertz

Erica Dam

Anna Martens

Adriana Papagni

David Cahier

Andrea Scarfi

Lotta Sandborgh

Maureen Zollinger

Sophie Becker……

The program we do will show later on my website , if you have interest or questions or want to support us please contact me with email yancheng@gmx.de . thank you very much !

Yan Cheng     in Mai 2021 Munich