2022 Black or Pink, how to against the sadness from the war.

(Art-performance in open studio 2022)

„Black or Pink, how to against the sadness from the war“ is a Art-performance in open studio in 21.10.2022 in artist house leonrodhaus in munich. concept and performed by Yan Cheng. With the poem reading and sing, she put her voice to a new element in her art Performance which makes it more understandable and exciting.

Peom—Black or Pink

Forget it, those black scene, those sad desperate eyes.

They are far away like winter is far away from autumn,

You keep telling yourself,

But when you are under the sky, see leaves falling down, you think of them, think of death, think of dignity, think of the powerless, helpless people, The fear and anxiety made them start fighting and killing….Then you feel the rain….you want to wash away the sadness….

The rain made of water, the tears also,

The baby comes from water. And babies are pink…..

Brother, sister, friends or enemy, they are the same, their blood are the same red.

And when the red meet water, they become pink.

I want to paint all the falling leaves from this old ginkgo pink…

Give them another new life , call them pink Gink. Send them to every soldier, make them think of this oldest tree on the earth, think of their old Mum are waiting. They should put down their gun, go back to the old town.

If in this world everybody could have a piece of land for free, could build their own house, plant their vegetables, flowers and trees, will this help get away the existing anxiety? Will this stop the greed and killing? Will this bring us peace?

I told my pink gink this wish and begin imagine and waiting…

5 black to pink read poem – YouTube